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Recruitment Professionalism

Recruitment as an iRecruitment Agenciesndustry has been around for an eternity. However, it still amazes me that with all the technology in the world that there are so many businesses and agencies that get the application process so wrong.

Applications Each Candidate has a Different ExperienceThere are millions of candidates out there applying for jobs each day and in each of those applications each candidate has a different experience. The candidate searches their favourite job site, sees a job they like and believe they are suitable for whether it is a senior position in the Executive Search space or junior entry level end of the market.

The Job Site Asks You to Fill in Your Mobile Number and Email AddressThey hit the apply button and they may be directed to a business run job portal to fill in a bunch more information that is already in your resume or the job site asks you to fill in your mobile number and email address and to attach your resume and cover letter.

In my ten years of recruitment in Brisbane it saddens me to still see high profile companies getting this simple process so wrong. Each application should get an automated response to let the candidate know that the application has been received. This does not happen in every case.

If you are a large corporate, then you are doing your business brand a disservice by not having a decent recruitment system that provides for an application response and emails letting candidates know they have been unsuccessful. This is probably the worst area; candidates get the most frustrated by the lack of any communication whatsoever.

HR Person Managing the ProcessIt is a sad situation nowadays where candidates just expect that they won’t hear from anyone when they apply for jobs. The advice I give my candidates is to ring the company about 48 hours after application and try and speak to the HR person managing the process, with this call be prepared as though it is a phone screening interview as this is a first impression for you. The best thing about this though is that the HR person is forced to look at your resume which is more than what most will get.

Talk This Person Through the ResumeYou are then at somewhat of an advantage as you can talk this person through the resume and it is then not just a resume on a computer screen it comes to life through you talking to the person on the end of the phone. It really is amazing how that can influence what a person thinks when the resume suddenly becomes humanised – give it a try, see what happens.