Executive Search

Beat Client Expectations with Our Executive Search in Brisbane

Talent and leadership drive business success, and executive search in Brisbane is the best way to find those talent leaders.
Traditional recruitment relies heavily on internet advertising and candidate databases to find candidates – these candidates are invariably highly active – candidates who happen to be unemployed or unhappy in their current role, and who will almost certainly be looking at a range of other opportunities.

This method works pretty well when it comes to middle and lower level roles, but for the Talent leaders of your business – don’t you want those people who are kicking goals and genuinely adding value to their current roles?

Executive search in Brisbane, is designed to find the very best candidates, including those who are generally hidden from traditional recruitment methods.

These individuals might be the ‘passive’ candidates, happily and successfully working at another business but not specifically looking for anything new. Or they might be the candidates we define as the ‘superstars’ – the real high-fliers and rising stars who are highly valued and closely guarded by their current employers, and will definitely not be on the market.

Either way, the best executive search in Brisbane services allow you to reach these individuals, so you can be sure you are reaching not just the most available candidates but the very best talent in the market place.

Lead Recruitment relies heavily on its network that has been generated and cultivated to ensure the best talent is identified for each executive search assignment in Brisbane. This network includes many of the CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s in the ASX 200 within the Brisbane market. A large number of our candidates come from referrals because Executives know other Executives and a referral comes with somewhat of a personal guarantee from the referrer.
The Process
Pivotal to Lead Recruitment’s delivery of candidates who outperform their peers and exceed the expectations of clients is our detailed and thorough selection process.
Breaking the executive search process down into stages, our approach covers:
  • Briefing
  • Role Profiling
  • Research
  • Candidate Identification
  • Extended Research
  • Candidate Screening
  • Interviewing
  • Reference Checking
  • Shortlisting
  • Presentation of Candidates
  • Interview briefing and de-briefing
  • Counter-offer preparation
  • Presentation of offer
  • Candidate feedback and support
All of this is delivered with the commitment and guarantees of Lead Recruitment terms of business.
Contact Lead Recruitment today to find out how this approach can help you identify and secure the very best talent for your business.