Are You Serious?

looking for jobs

The number of resumes and cover letters I get that are addressed to a different person or company or a different job completely is just amazing. If you think applying for jobs is a numbers game and the more you apply, the better your chances of success, then you are just plain wrong.

applying for jobs You have to treat every job application separately and take the time to make sure that you have addressed the selection criteria or key components in the job advert in your resume and highlighted it in your cover letter.

Brisbane recruitment agencies

The sad part of it is (and I am sure all Brisbane recruitment agencies and internal recruiters get this all the time) it is so easy to dismiss an application and put it in the reject pile if there are spelling mistakes, they seem to have just hit apply with an old cover letter addressed to a different job they applied for last week.

The point is, if you are seriously looking to change jobs or you are currently unemployed then you need to take a hard look at the applications you are making and make sure that you are indeed qualified and appropriately skilled to do the job but also that your resume and cover letter fully represent you and the great candidate that you are.

generic resume and cover letter The days of a generic resume and cover letter are gone as the competition for jobs these days is extreme, and you need to ensure that you at least get your application ready to give you a chance in the first place.